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Our product ERI delivers free private tutoring powered by peer-to-peer learning and artificial intelligence augmentation.

ERI is the future of learning for all.

Our Product


ERI connects a student who needs help on a subject with a peer who has shown expertise in the same subject. The student receives the help they need while the peer-tutor reinforces their own learning skills. Both improve their knowledge and capabilities.

Answer Suggestion

Our Artificial Intelligence system analyzes the content of the conversations and specific issues the student faces. From that, it generates personalized responses for the peer-tutor to help the student. The peer-tutoring experience is enhanced and the quality is raised to a professional level.

Ease of access

You can ask ERI for help on any device: e.g. mobile phone, tablet or desktop.


We strongly believe that education should be accessible for all. That’s why ERI is and will remain free for students and schools.

Safe and secure

The safety and security on the platform is assured by anonymity of the users and our profanity filter.

Our Mission

Accessible & Personalized Tutoring For Every Student

Using the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and a peer-tutoring model, we provide a free personalized learning experience to every student that needs it – anytime, and anywhere.

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Who we are

We are a startup based in Montreal, an internationally recognized hub of Artificial Intelligence technology and research. Our tight-knit team is dedicated to improving education across the world, and reflects diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We passionately believe in empowering people through education and we are all committed to learning continually to feed our curiosities.

Our research

We give back to the AI community by contributing research with our collaborators: Dr. Andrea Lodi of IVADO (Ecole Polytechnique), Dr. Doina Precup of MILA (McGill University) and Dr. Jamal Bentahar of Concordia University. Our focus is Reinforcement Learning applied to Natural Language Generation in a Human-in-the-Loop context. Our philosophy is to advance AI technology to augment humans rather than replace them.

Our impact

We are running ongoing pilot projects in schools in Montreal and also in Kenya with the help of our Education Evangelists. We are constantly improving the ERI experience so we can cater to a diverse range of users. Our ultimate goal is to bring ERI to all students across the globe.

Our Services

Alongside our flagship product ERI, discover our expertise in Data Science, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing / Natural Language Generation.

To start designing a data-driven solution for your business, get in touch with us :      +1 514-710-5894

3 Place Ville Marie, Suite 400

Montreal, QC


Participants in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition

Finalist in MIT SOLVE Refugee Education Challenge

Winner CIC Social Impact


Patrick Poirier


Dr. Babak Khosravifar

Chief AI Officer

Laura Fort

Chief Product Officer

Manil Gaouar

Senior Software Engineer

Clemente Cuevas

Lead AI Engineer

Georges Bélanger

AI Researcher

Hannah Cowen

Operations Manager

Amy Tran

Education Evangelist

David Waithaka

Education Evangelist

Jessica Newfield

Grant Writer

Dr. Andrea Lodi

Technical Advisor

Dr. Doina Precup

Technical Advisor

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